THE SPEED REEL is for performers who already have a standard reel that they feel shows them to their best ability. A speed reel is an abbreviated version of this, highlighting the very best of that reel and offers an additional option to casting offices and reps. This is also a better choice for actors who have under 10 clips/who have mostly self-tapes instead of produced footage.

THE STANDARD REEL is for performers who want to build/re-build a reel that shows them in their best light. All of yours clips will be meticulously reviewed by a working casting director. They will then consult with you about your footage to go over what may be serving you/working against you and then create a plan to have your reel edited that shows you to your best ability.

THE STARTER KIT is for performers who want a STANDARD REEL (see description above) and who would also like the option of also having a SPEED REEL (see description above).

THE SCENE STEALER Is for performers who want a STANDARD REEL (see description above) in more than one genre (comedy & drama, for example).

THE ACTOR’S TOOLBOX is for actors who want THE STARTER KIT (see description above) but in more than one genre. This is a great option for those who have a lot of footage and are looking to widen their window of opportunity as much as possible.

Something that actors may not realize is just how important your reel is. As casting directors, we have to be incredibly efficient with our time. The way for us to do that is to see the actor's ability before we bring you in (that's what your reel is for). Another reason is due to the ever-changing ways we do casting. For example, as casting offices begin to put more actors “on tape for producers”, we see the age of “pre-reading” start to fade away. So in a sense, your reel is now REPLACING that pre-read. If your reel isn't showing what you're fully capable of, you're going to find yourself feeling "stuck." 

Your reel will be available to download on our server for 90 days. After that, it will no longer be available and no backups will be kept. Additional services for the same project will be subject to fees.

An option of 1 free edit will be given per reel, if needed. The first additional edit will incur a fee of $50 and then $100 for each edit thereafter.

In order to give you your best reel possible, we have a “Best Work Policy”. This means, during your consultation, your casting director may find that you do not have enough “quality” work that shows what you are capable of as an actor. If this is the case, they will then assign you applicable sides with extensive notes (this is only applicable for standard reels, not speed reels). You will then self-tape this scene and we will then implement it into your reel.

SIDE NOTE: self-tapes are a perfectly acceptable addition to your reel! We are constantly watching self-tapes that are pitched to us by agents/managers for different roles. Remember, the reel is about your ABILITY AS AN ACTOR. PERIOD. 

First, you will choose your package and proceed through checkout. This will take you to your account page, where you will be able to upload up to ten clips. Next, you will schedule your consultation date/time with a casting director.  During the consultation, the CD will go over your footage with you. You will discuss order, length, and anything that they feel needs to be cut/added. Depending on the amount of notes/footage, the phone call may last anywhere up to 20 minutes.

Please note that in-person consultations are not available at this time. After the consultation, your reel will be edited in 7 to 10 business days (depending on your package) in a format that is most preferred by casting offices. 

NOTE: You have the option to decline a consultation if you wish by leaving us a message in your checkout, though it is not advised.

The turnaround for your finished reel is 7 to 10 business days from the day following your phone consultation.

If you were assigned a self-tape by your casting director, your finished reel will be delivered 7 to 10 days from the day you submit your self-tape file(s).

The phone consultation will be up to 20 minutes (1 genre) or 40 minutes (2 genres) with a casting director. Please note that most consultations will not take the full 20 minutes; this is just the maximum allotted time. Because of the limited availability of our working casting directors, we do not offer in-person consultations at this time.

No mention of auditioning for a project that the CD is currently working on, nor mention of any current breakdown or projects in production are permitted. This service is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. Any and all services rendered by The Casting Director’s Cut is NOT a way to obtain employment as an actor. Your consultation is NOT a job interview or audition.

We respectfully decline. One of the primary reasons we offer our services is because there are specific formats that are industry preferred. Know that having our company create your reel will guarantee the correct format and give casting directors the best opportunity to consider your work.

We highly recommend ONLY separating clips by GENRE. The reason for this is: if you separate your clips, you risk a CD or associate clicking on the wrong clip for the role you are being submitted for. They may automatically move on after that. Although we usually never have time to watch the entirety of a reel, we do skip forward and watch a few seconds of each scene. Therefore, giving us one less thing to click on is extremely valuable when you are talking about thousands of submissions per role. The only time we recommend separating your clips is based on these genres: 

  • Comedy

  • Drama

  • Hosting

  • Stunts

  • Standup

  • Specific Languages (must have English subtitles)

Preferred formats include: 

  • .MOV
  • .MP4
  • .M4V

Other formats may work, but are not guaranteed. Please convert your files to one of these three formats to guarantee a smooth editing process.

Recommended Resolution: 1080p or higher

Recommended Frame Rate: 23.98 fps

Returning customers within 6 months of their reel delivery can add new footage to their reels for $25/clip.

Returning customers past 6 months of their reel delivery can purchase a new reel package (that had been previously purchased) with a 20% discount using the promo code: Please Email Us For Code

Click here to view this service under the Additional Services page.

If you don’t have any footage, we will ask you some questions during your consultation to get a feel for what types of roles you may be right for. We will then hand pick a few scenes for you to put on tape in self-tape format (we will will go over the do’s and don’ts for successful self tapes). Once these are complete, we will cut these into a reel that highlights your range. 

We currently do not provide any camera work through The Casting Director’s Cut. If you would like recommendations for places to record your self-tape, please ask us during the consultation.

15 clips are included with each standard genre, 10 clips are included with each speed genre. Additional clips $5.00 (can be added at checkout).

You may upload your full reel for us to edit as long as you don't have music overarching the entire reel.

We are committed to ensuring that deaf actors and actors who are hard-of-hearing can access all of the services, privileges, advantages, and experiences that we have to offer. We are happy to provide alternative support if a phone consultation is insufficient. Please contact us for initial assistance.

  • Reel Packages - You may cancel your reel package 48 hours prior to your consultation to receive a full refund.
  • Consultations - You may cancel your consultation 48 hours prior to receive a full refund.
  • Classes - You may cancel your class participation 72 hours prior to receive a full refund. Those cancelling after 72 hours may receive credit for a future class. Refunds will not be available for No-Shows or Late/Partial participants. No recordings will be available.
  • Intensives - You may cancel your participation 2 weeks prior to receive a full refund. Those cancelling after 2 weeks may receive credit. Those cancelling within 1 week will NOT receive credit or a refund.
  • The Acting Retreat - You may cancel your participation 2 weeks prior to receive a FULL REFUND MINUS 10% OF THE TOTAL TICKET PRICE (IN ADDITION TO PROCESSING FEES). Those cancelling after 2 weeks will only receive credit to the The Casting Director's Cut website. CANCELLED PERFORMER TICKETS WILL ONLY RECEIVE CREDIT AT THE CASTING DIRECTOR'S CUT WEBSITE. Tickets ARE transferrable as long as you email us to let us know who is receiving your ticket.

*All full/partial refunds are subject to the deduction of processing fees.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but only coupons/promo codes used at checkout will be honored.

For the sake of editing purposes, we define 1 clip as a single clip no longer than 1 minute in length. We encourage you to provide us with the best footage you have available.

Can I still upload clips longer than 1 minute?

Absolutely! If you upload a clip that is 3 minutes in length we will consider this an allotment of 3 of your clips.

There are other actors in my scene. Should I cut around them to make my clip shorter?

No. Acting is rarely you in a scene alone. Showing your ability includes the context and interactions of the scene you are in.