Monday Myth Debunker – I had an Off Day, so I Won’t be Called into that Office Again

Guess what? You’re human! We’re human! Humans have off-days. And if you’ve somehow beat the odds of not having one already, know that you’re going to have an off-day in the future. and THAT’S OK.

It wouldn’t be normal for every day to be perfect and to go exactly as you had planned. Sometimes things happen either physically or mentally and it hinders your ability to focus and be “in it”. The good news? We generally can tell the difference between an actor having an “off-day” and not really getting it. ESPECIALLY if you’re an actor we’ve read before. Which means having one “off” audition, does NOT mean you are never getting called in again. Here are 5 things you can do if you’re having an off-day: 

1. Use some grounding techniques before you go in. Better yet, see if it’s possible to wait outside until you’re called in. Being outside can serve as a reminder that other things exist outside of this audition. If that’s not possible, opt to sit near a window. Focus on what you see outside.

2. If you have a strong feeling that whatever it is you’re going through is going to hinder your performance, talk to you rep about it as soon as possible. They can find out if going the next day is an inconvenience or not. •

3. When you walk in, take an extra moment to connect with your reader. They will be your support system and many times, they are the ones who will help get you back on track.

4. Be honest. If you know you’re not in it, ask if you can do it again. Explain that you felt distracted. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Try again.

5. If you leave feeling defeated, talk to your reps. They represent you because they BELIEVE in you, not because they expect you to be perfect every day. Depending on the situation, they may want to email the casting office to explain you had an off-day and ask if you can try again via self tape. It never hurts to ask.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up. Try not to think about it once you leave the room. Know that you are human and that everyone has an off-day. Go for a run. Be in nature. Call a friend and laugh about it. Then let it go. •

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