Monday Myth Debunkers: Casting Directors Don’t Watch Every Self Tape.

Sometimes turning in a self tape can feel like your hard work is going into a black hole. ⁠

𝕀𝕤 𝕚𝕥?⁠

If the tape was actually requested and is turned in on time, the chances of it being watched are VERY high. ⁠

However, the main difference between self-taping and live auditioning (besides the obvious), is that with a self tape, we CAN stop watching. ⁠


That’s the big fat caveat that comes with being able to see more actors via self tapes. ⁠

Yes, with self tapes, we can consider more actors. ⁠

But that also means that (unlike live auditioning), we can turn that sucker off at any point. ⁠

Not because we don’t appreciate your work. ⁠

Not because we don’t like you. ⁠

Not because we don’t respect actors. ⁠

Because we know within the first 10-15 seconds of your tape whether it’s what our creative team is looking for. ⁠

Sometimes we’ll see potential and know that with some direction, there’s a good chance the role could be yours. ⁠

But at that point, we’ll need a QUICK turnaround. Do your best to do those notes justice and turn it in as soon as you can. ⁠

Most importantly: we’ll watch it. And we’ll watch each and every self tape that we request and is in on time. ⁠

Friendly reminder to ensure your hard work wasn’t for nothing: ⁠
1. Deadlines matter⁠
2. Instructions matter⁠
3. Slates matter⁠

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