Terminology Tuesday: All Shows Produced

Double-tap if you’ve got an ASP series regular on your actor to-do list ✔️⁠

An all shows produced series regular (otherwise known as ASP) means an actor will get paid their episodic fee for each episode in the season, regardless of whether they appear in it or not. ⁠

Having a deal be ASP has great financial benefits but there are other obligations to consider. ⁠

Many ASP deals also include exclusivity. Most series regulars cannot be under contract with another show, and some even have a finite amount of episodes they can recur on. ⁠

Most regular contracts also include an agreement for publicity/promotion and many of these TV appearances are paid at scale. These obligations can add up to (yes, a good chunk of change) but also a hefty commitment. ⁠

A film actor who makes the transition to TV will likely work out an ASP deal with outs for movies, theatre, TV guest spots and other personal commitments.⁠

Either way, a TV contract can last for a long time. While it’s an exciting thing to be offered, it’s important that your team has a strong understanding of your needs & goals and negotiates a fair deal for all. ⁠

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