Terminology Tuesday – Approval

AKA “waiting on approval” or “getting approval”⁠

The beloved approval process ⌛️ It can sometimes be quick. It can sometimes be painstakingly slow. Either way, it’s going to be around for a while… so let’s break it down:⁠

Approval is something that is needed from the studio & network in order for actors to receive an official offer for a role. In TV, the approval process is generally just the studio and network. Occasionally, it will be the production company as well. In features, it will just be the production company & studio (and financiers if it’s an indie).⁠

So… who exactly is doing the approving? ⁠

In TV, (most) studio and networks have their own casting department. Some are fairly large, some are just a few people. They are the casting executives who cover different shows for their studio/network. Each studio and network will have a different approval process. Sometimes the casting executive can sign off entirely and the approval stops there. Other times (and more often than not), the casting executive then sends the choice(s) to the current executive of that show. Current executives oversee projects that are “currently” on the air. They serve as a liaison between the network or studio and the actual production. They will then either approve or disapprove and the casting executive will then relay back to the casting office their decision. ⁠

The takeaway?⁠

Casting directors will jump through (big) hoops to get you approved. Sometimes we re-edit your reels (without even telling you!), sometimes we scour the internet for a better picture. Sometimes we talk you up as if WE’RE getting the 10%. It’s all part of the job and we do it because… we love actors. And we believe in you ✨

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