Terminology Tuesday – Button

A “button” is a tool actors sometimes use in their (mostly comedic) auditions to help close out a scene in a unique way. It’s created by the actor and is usually in the form of an ending line or action. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re awkward. Sometimes they aren’t appropriate. And they are certainly NEVER required. ⁠

Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether or not to add a button to your scene:⁠

1. Keep it SHORT! A button should be ONE quick line. It is not a mini improvised monologue. ⁠
2. IF your button is a question, don’t expect any kind of response/reaction back. We are behind the camera for the reason. Asking us to improvise with you is asking for a sudden sweat fest.⁠
3. If you are asked to do the scene again and the button is not addressed in your given direction, ask the CD about it. Just say something like, “do you like the button or should I drop it?” We’ll let you know if the prods will dig it or if you should cut it. And don’t feel as though you need to change the button to “entertain us”. If you don’t have multiple options prepared, stick with the same one. No need for unnecessary pressure. ⁠

Buttons can be GREAT when used well. Just make sure you’re choosing to do one because you felt inspired, not because you felt you needed to.⁠

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