Terminology Tuesday – Honeywagon

Honeywagons: those lavish, mansion-like trailers that actors use as their private resting room & creative space. Some actually have pools attached and even an entire dining roo—

Oh wait. 

VERY few actors would be able to use to word “lavish” to describe their trailers. The vast majority of actors are at the disposal of what production provides them. HOWEVER, trailers ARE used as negotiation deal points. So in addition to honeywagons, let’s go over the different types:




HONEYWAGON: Honeywagons are trailers that are comprised of several small rooms. They can be anywhere from two to eight rooms on the trailer. Generally, they are about 6 x 8 feet and have a bench/bed, a small bathroom with toilet and sink, a TV, a mirror + counter, a small space to hang costumes and clothing & sometimes some cabinets or shelves. Honeywagons are typically used for co-star roles in TV and smaller supporting roles in film. 


Triple Banger

TRIPLE BANGER: A triple banger is a trailer with only three rooms, making each room slightly bigger than a honeywagon. The rooms are still attached to one another but have a bit more space. These trailers are typically reserved for guest stars in TV and supporting roles in film




Double Banger

DOUBLE BANGER: A double banger is (you guessed it) a trailer with two rooms, making each room even bigger than a triple banger. These trailers are typically reserved for series regulars and leads in a film. On occasion, a special guest star may be able to negotiate for a double banger if it’s available. 




Private Trailer

PRIVATE TRAILER: Actors who are working nonstop, especially on movies where they are constantly away from their homes on location, may spring for their own private trailer. These fifth-wheel trailers are often decked out with every amenity you could need/want in between takes. More often that note, actors who have their own private trailers own them and then have production reimburse them the budgeted $$ for a double banger.                    

Sometimes, depending on the actor and the requirements of the film shoot, agents are able to negotiate the rental of a private trailer into their deal. 

Whichever trailer you end up in, make sure you bring the necessities: 

⭐️ Phone charger

⭐️ Laptop + laptop charger (might as well get work done while you get paid!)

⭐️ A book or magazine

⭐️ Chapstick

⭐️ Passport/license (you’ll need both for your paperwork)

⭐️ Headphones

⭐️ Something to help ground you: lavender oil, a certain playlist, a pre-downloaded guided meditation, etc.

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