Terminology Tuesday: Intimacy Coordinator

Double-tap if you’ve heard today’s term before. ⁠

The role of the intimacy coordinator is to support the actor in any intimate action on set, such as contact kissing, physical touch, and simulated sex. They often plan, choreograph and liaise with actors and the production team to ensure that those in front of, and behind, the camera feel safe and comfortable with every aspect and stage of the process.⁠

Intimacy coordinators must possess an in-depth knowledge of the actor-director process, understand power dynamics, and need to be trained in intimacy coordination for theater and film.⁠

Intimacy coordinators are expected to ensure that:⁠

📽 All staff and actors are aware of the context of the intimacy as part of the story.⁠

📽 Communication about the intimacy takes place among participants.⁠

📽 Avenues for reporting harassment are available.⁠

📽 Actors continually consent to all scenes of intimacy.⁠

📽 All scenes of intimacy are performed according to a previously agreed-to choreography.⁠

📽 Actors are encouraged to mark the end of each intimate scene with a moment to signal the return to real-life interaction.⁠

Although intimacy coordinators are not legally required, SAG recently announced plans to launch a registry and provide accreditation for intimacy coordinator training programs, in hopes to create an industry standard for the role.⁠

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