Terminology Tuesday: ULB (Ultra Low Budget)

For the next few #terminologytuesdays we thought we’d do a SAG theatrical film agreement series. ⁠

SAG-AFTRA low budget agreements were created with input from filmmakers and actors to make it even easier to hire professional performers in lower budgeted films. ⁠

There are 4 main theatrical film contracts under SAG. They are:⁠

1️⃣ SAG Basic Theatrical Agreement⁠
2️⃣ SAG Low Budget Agreement ⁠
3️⃣ SAG Modified Low Budget Agreement (MLB)⁠
4️⃣ SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement (ULB)⁠

Today we’re going over the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement. ⁠

For the Ultra Low Budget Agreement (often referred to as just ULB), the film budget must be $300k or less in order to qualify. ⁠

There is no set weekly scale at this contract level but the current day rate is $206/day. ⁠

This also means that there are no rules for consecutive employment in an ULB contract, allowing you to accept other work during the course of production (with ample communication with the original production, of course). ⁠

Also, unlike higher budget contracts, producers may fly actors coach on a commercial flight (only if all other actors and crew are also being flown coach). ⁠

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