Monday Myth Debunker – I Need to be with a Top Agency to get Noticed

Have you ever had this thought? Chances are if you haven’t, you’ve heard someone else say it (or at least a version of it). 

Let’s go ahead and squash this myth once and for all. 

It’s very very RARE that a casting office will limit or cater their breakdowns to only certain agencies. If we do, it’s usually because someone above our pay grade has specifically asked for a “name” for a particular role. When we know this is the requirement, sure, we might go to the bigger agencies. Everything else? FAIR GAME.

Even if Joe Shmo from CAA pitches to us, you better believe that we aren’t going to waste their time, their client’s time, and OUR time if the client isn’t right for it. 

As casting directors, our job is to find the best actor for the job. If we pay closer attention to the agency’s name and not the actors being pitched, we’re not doing a very good job of finding the best actor for the job.

Not to mention, agents are worth so much more than the acronym they work for. 

Agents (and we’ll also include managers in this conversation) work HARD. They are much more than just percentage collectors. Got a job through someone you know? Great! Your agent should still take that 10%. They may not have gotten you THAT specific job, but they worked their tushies off that week to try and get you an audition. Who’s paying for that? You. That’s how it works, folks. And it’s totally fair. 

So then, what SHOULD you focus on when trying to find representation? These:

✨ CONNECTION. Do you connect with this person? Do their words resonate with you? Do they seem like someone you would want on your team?

✨ EAGERNESS. Do they seem excited to work with you? Did they tell you WHY they want to work with you? Do they have plans for you? 

✨ COLLABORATION. Do they seem open-minded? Are they respectful? Do they trust you? Do you trust them?

Use your best judgment. You’re an actor. You thrive off instincts. What are they telling you?

You *will* have more success in your career if you focus on these questions vs. which office has a fancier high-rise. That, we can promise. 

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