Monday Myth Debunker – I Need to have a Plan B

In the famous words of @prattprattpratt, “I didn’t have a plan B.” ⁠

This might be scary to hear, but you don’t need a “back up plan.”⁠

It doesn’t have to be THIS or THAT. ⁠

You can still pour your heart, soul & energy into your acting and also pour energy right into… anything else. ⁠

There is no limit to the number of dreams and goals you are allowed to have. ⁠

And taking a break doesn’t mean you’re no longer an actor. ⁠

Most importantly? There is no rule that says when you should quit acting. ⁠

It’s EASY to have thoughts of quitting and moving on. Why? Because when things get hard or don’t make sense, your brain wants to put you somewhere that feels “safe.” ⁠

But here’s the thing: you’re here, now, reading this & reflecting. ⁠

And in this very moment, a dozen people just gave up. They just canceled their Actor’s Access accounts. ⁠

But you’re still here. ⁠

Every time you have the thought of giving up, I want you to do these 4 things: ⁠

1. Recall the moment the acting bug bit you. Reflect. Remember. ⁠
2. Do something that brings you joy ⁠
3. Remind yourself that you’ve gotten through harder things ⁠
4. Take one actionable step toward your goal. ⁠

Remember: things won’t go as planned. Things won’t always make sense. These are the things that can turn someone’s light off. ⁠

Don’t let them turn yours off.⁠

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