Monday Myth Debunker – Your Social Media is Going to Make or Break Your Career

Your social media is NOT going make or break your career.

For the most part, no one is going to have time to even CHECK your social media, let alone track how many followers or engagement you have. Think about (in a normal world) the amount of time we have to cast a pilot or TV episode (spoiler: IT AINT A LOT!)

To say that we’d have the time in our day to check your social media is not realistic. At the end of the day, if you’re perfect for a role, you’re getting it (despite your viral influence).

NOTE: This is specifically in relation to theatrical projects.

YES, there are some New Media outlets (a la YouTube Red that MAY inquire about social media presence). But even these platforms prioritize acting ability over following (unless of course, you’re playing an actual influencer). Point is, don’t stress about social media. Because the likelihood is that dedicating your time to your craft vs. your TikTok views is going to count for a lot more.

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