Monday Myth Debunkers – I Need a Headshot that POPS!

What does that even mean? Headshots are not supposed to pop. They are photos. Of your face. ⁠

All joking aside, we hear this… a lot. Sometime’s it’s another version, like, “what stands out to you in a headshot?” ⁠

First, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves the purpose of a headshot. Its sole purpose is to show us what you physically look like. Sometimes you fit into what we’re looking for, sometimes you don’t. ⁠

Your headshot is not a billboard. ⁠

What we are looking for (and what your headshot SHOULD be) is:⁠
📸 A current and accurate representation of what you look like⁠
📸 A photo of your face⁠

It should NOT be ⁠
📸 You in a bikini (or on a motorcycle, or with your pet, or with sunglasses on, etc.) You think we’re joking here, don’t you?⁠
📸 With overdone/heavy makeup⁠
📸 Shot with anything distracting in the background⁠
📸 Showing an overly specific facial expression. ⁠

“I dyed my hair/grew out a beard, I need new headshots!!”⁠

Not necessarily. Before you start posting in your acting class’ FB group asking for headshot photographer recs, consider this: we know facial hair/hair color is changeable. Do we sometimes need a specific hair color or grooming style? Of course! Can your agent/manager let us know in the submission notes that you have the ability to trim your beard or dye your hair back to blonde? YUP! Spoiler alert: that’s what the submission notes are for. And if your agent/manager wants extra credit, they will let us know if/when you are unable to change your appearance due to another commitment. Communication rocks. ⁠

If you think for a minute we are going to let Actor Joe (who is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for the role) not come in because he’s got a grade-A goatee in his headshots and we need someone clean-shaven? FORGETTABOUTIT. We trust that Actor Joe knows how to use a razer (or at least we hope). ⁠

Friendly remember: Our main focus is and always will be on the best actor for the job. Do we sound like a broken record with that statement? Good! You’re catching on… 🙃⁠

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