Monday Myth Debunkers – I’ll Never Book a Guest Star Role Without Any Guest Star Credits

This is just not true. And if you’ve ever had this thought, please, keep reading…

It’s true that having a healthy resume is helpful, but if you 1) have a solid reel that shows what you are capable of

2) you’re physically right for the role and

3) your reps are submitting you on time, chances are that you will go in for all sizes of roles. If you had a great guest star audition but didn’t get it, it is MUCH more likely to be a dozen other factors. 

The next time you wonder if it’s your resume keeping you from making that co-star to guest star jump, consider this: we wouldn’t have scheduled you in the first place if we thought you wouldn’t have a chance of getting the job based on what your resume says. We brought you in to read because we thought you were RIGHT for the role and that you had a solid chance of booking it, guest star credits or not.

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