Monday Myth Debunkers – It’s Who You Know.

Double-tap if you’ve been told this at least once in your career. ⁠

Is there any validity to it? Well, maybe. But let’s sprinkle some truth in there too. ⁠

Nepotism might appear to be your biggest Hollywood enemy. And while it’s not necessarily encouraged, there are definitely times when “knowing someone” might have pushed you in the door or helped you book the job (hence why almost every creative will shout from all angles to network your socks off). ⁠

But here’s something to consider: “who you know” only goes so far until it’s time to show your talent. Your dog-walking client might have gotten you an audition for an episode of The Good Doctor they’re directing but once you walk in the door, that connection only goes so far. You’re going to need the showrunner, producer, studio & network to also sign off. And yes, just getting in that door can be half the battle. But here’s something to remind yourself: ⁠

Good acting does not go unnoticed. ⁠

Agents, managers, and casting directors alike LOVE finding great, new actors. We are on the hunt for YOU. ⁠

So then why are you feeling… stuck? ⁠

Trying asking yourself these questions: ⁠

✔️ Are your reel(s) showing what you’re fully capable of as an actor? ⁠

✔️ Have you taken a pause on acting class or skipped that “step” too soon? ⁠

✔️ Are you being intentional with your time and using it toward things that matter? ⁠

✔️ Are you leaning into your strengths to the best of your ability? ⁠

Usually, an actor’s “stuck-ness” can be found somewhere within these questions. If you put your focus into these answers, you will find yourself empowered enough to know that you, with or without that fancy connection, is ENOUGH. ⁠

This industry may feel daunting and helpless at times, but don’t let those thoughts dictate your actions. Your ability to trust your instincts and make actionable decisions and changes to your career from them is FAR more valuable than whatever connection your second cousin’s roommate has.⁠

Focus less on WHO you know, and more on WHAT you know 💫⁠

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