Monday Myth Debunkers: You Need A Stage Name.

Do you NEED a stage name? SHOULD you change your name?⁠

Does your name correlate with the auditions you get and jobs you book?⁠

For the most part, we’d say the answer is a resounding “NO” to most of these…⁠

With one exception. ⁠

The only time you might want to consider a SIMPLE name change (or even just addition of your middle name) is if someone already has your first & last name in the union. ⁠

SAG makes every effort to avoid enrolling members with the same name or with very similar names.⁠

Sometimes, you may need to add a middle name, initial, or use a preferred nick name or full name for this reason alone.⁠

But a few things you should know about choosing whether or not to have a stage name:⁠

1. Your name, regardless of how common or unique it is, will not be the “thing” that gets you an audition or help you book a job.⁠

2. “Hard-to-pronounce” names are not an inconvenience. Ever. ⁠

3. It’s our job to remember your name. Don’t change your name just because you think it will more memorable. If you’re talented, we’ll remember. Period.⁠

Of course, if you WANT a stage name, go for it! But if you’re on the fence and would rather keep things consistent, don’t worry about having one. ⁠


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