Monday Myth Debunkers – Your Audition Starts the Moment you Walk Through the Door.

Or at least, for the foreseeable future, the “virtual” door.⁠

Today’s #MondayMythDebunkers is more of a yes/no answer. Let’s break it down: ⁠

YES: How you react, handle yourself, listen & communicate in the room are all things we mentally take note of. And YES, it is helpful to be a thoughtful, kind & gracious actor. However, it is important to know that we are not measuring an audition by your bubbly-ness level. You don’t get extra credit for bringing in a box of donuts spelling out the casting director’s name (even though we agree, #DonutsAreLife). ⁠

Here’s the most important takeaway: As an actor, you have a process. And through a chosen technique, that process is unique for everyone. If, for example, your character starts off in an emotionally vulnerable state, don’t think that we expect you to come in doing cartwheels and chatting about the weather (somewhat kidding about the cartwheels). ⁠

You do you. ⁠

Many times offices will ask to start out with a slate. But guess what? If you’re already “in it” and want to get going right away, IT’S OK to ask about doing the slate after the scene. Most casting pros can and will pick up your cues and will get straight to it. ⁠

If at any time you feel there is something YOU have the ability to take ownership of for yourself; whether that’s asking for a few moments before, a chair, or for extra clarification on something: go for it. We have the SAME goal for you being in that room and it’s YOU BOOKING THE JOB. If there’s something YOU know that will help you achieve that goal, let’s hear it! Obviously, there is a balance between taking ownership and taking advantage (no, we won’t be able to fix that zit in post), but for the most part, these things don’t add up to you being a “diva,” they (hopefully) add up to a great performance. ⁠

Being professional is important but it’s also important to remember why you are there–and it’s not to find a new bff.⁠

You have a job to do and so do we. ⁠

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with befriending casting, doing the work is far more important. ⁠

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