Terminology Tuesday: Above the Line

If you’ve ever spent time behind the camera, you may have heard the terms “above the line” and “below the line” thrown around. ⁠

Above the line or “ATL” denotes the roles on a film crew which provide guidance or leadership on the creative side. Likewise, below the line represents the more technical roles.⁠

Why divide above and below the line?⁠

The term itself comes directly from budgeting. Production budget sheets are divided into two sections by a line. This budgetary line is where crew members are placed either above or below.⁠

Only a handful of positions are considered above the line, while the majority remain below the line. Above the line roles typically include:⁠

📽 Producers⁠
📽 Directors⁠
📽 Screenwriters⁠
📽 Principal Actors⁠
📽 And yes… Casting Directors!⁠

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