Terminology Tuesday: Breakdown Services

To piggyback on yesterday’s Monday #mythdebunker, let’s dive a little deeper into all things Breakdown Services. ⁠

Breakdown Services and Actor’s Access are part of the same company. ⁠

Breakdown Services is what casting directors use to distribute film/TV breakdowns and how we receive actor submissions from agents and managers. Actor’s Access is what YOU (the actor) use to house your materials and/or self submit to projects. ⁠

When we release breakdowns, we have the option to “release” or email it to actors directly, reps, or both. ⁠

Generally speaking, for higher budgeted projects, studio films and TV, we exclusively use Breakdown—meaning the breakdowns only get seen by agents and managers. ⁠

If we are doing a search for something specific or working on a smaller budgeted project, we may release to both actor and reps via Breakdown AND Actor’s Access.⁠

Ever get an audition without submitting to it?⁠

This is likely for 2 reasons: ⁠

1. We know you and we think you’re great for the role but you weren’t submitted so we added you manually. ⁠

2. We are looking for someone with a specific look or skill and found you through the search function and added you manually. ⁠

On the cmail (audition notice email), you might see CDS in the appointment details. This stands for “casting director selection,” meaning the CD manually selected you vs. choosing you out of the sea of submissions. ⁠

Any other AA/BD questions? Drop em below and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can!⁠

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