Terminology Tuesday: First Refusal

What’s the difference between a “first refusal”, “on avail”, pinned”, and being “held”? 🤔⁠

Let’s sort this out—there’s no real difference between any of these other than semantics. ⁠

Technically speaking, CDs can’t “hold” actors (per SAG rules), but they can use different terms like “pinning” you or putting you “on avail” to signify that you are either “the choice” or one of a short list and that an offer may be coming. ⁠

When the word “hold” is involved, it usually means money is owed—and rightfully so. ⁠

When you are “held”, production is essentially buying your time and asking that you do 𝗻𝗼𝘁 accept other work while being held for a production.⁠

When you are pinned or have the right of “first refusal” — you are technically allowed to book other work, but the fact that the casting office has officially expressed interest means they are asking (as a courtesy) for you to let them know if/when another production looks like they may want to book you. ⁠

Don’t let that stop your momentum. ⁠

If two offers come in at the same time, you may still be able to do both. The first project will be granted “first position” (meaning the second project will have to work around the first project’s schedule), but if it can be worked out, everyone will likely be on board to help you do both. ⁠

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