Terminology Tuesday – General Meeting

This has been a common term used lately and we’ve noticed some confusion floating around. So let’s break it down. What EXACTLY is a general meeting and what are they used for? ⤵⁠

A general meeting is a very CASUAL “meet & greet” between new talent and someone in the industry. For actors, it’s generally between an actor and casting director but generals can also be held with studio and network executives. ⁠

What can you expect?⁠

During a general, the casting director or associate will want to get to know you. Expect questions like, “where are you from?”, “How long have you been acting?”, “How long have you been in LA/NY/ATL?” And of course, you are also welcome to ask questions as well. Curious where their current projects shoot? Ask! We’ll let you know if there’s something we can’t answer/talk about 😉⁠

If it’s your first time having a general meeting, it may seem intimidating. Remind yourself that this is a no-pressure scenario. It’s not an interview. It’s not an audition. You are getting the opportunity to meet someone new and gain insight into their office. And they are usually fun! ⁠

How should I prepare?⁠

Before a general meeting, you should always research whoever you’re going to meet with. Don’t just search IMDb, but also the trades. Know their past projects, the genre(s) they mostly work on, showrunners/directors they tend to work with. ⁠

It went GREAT! Now what?⁠

Take 5 minutes before you head off to the next thing to jot down any valuable notes you learned from the meeting. Remember, #themoreyouknow. It’s hard to keep track of everything and everyone. This way, the next time you go in for that office, you can refer to your notes. Being able to recall past conversations or refer to something from your previous meeting shows you cared and that you’re a thoughtful actor. We like thoughtful actors. 😊⁠

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