Terminology Tuesday: Option

If you’re up for something where they could put an “option” on you OR you’re testing for a pilot which has a “test option agreement…”⁠


You’re killing the game. ⁠

An option grants the studio (you guessed it) the “option” to employ you.⁠

These agreements typically cover the pilot and up to seven seasons of the series. ⁠

A few highlighted points that will be pre-negotiated in a test option agreement are:⁠

1. The amount the actor will be paid for the pilot, as well as the amount they will be paid for each episode of the series if the show is picked up. ⁠

2. Whether that compensation includes “pay-or-play,” meaning the actor gets paid whether they appear in a particular episode or not. ⁠

3. The type of credit and order in which the actor’s name appears⁠

4. Type of exclusivity. Generally speaking, an actor who is contracted to a show will not be allowed to be on another studio’s series regular contract. However, with the Network’s approval, you’ll typically still be able to guest star on other shows (pending their schedule) and appear in films and theatre during hiatus. ⁠

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