Terminology Tuesday: Paid Ads

Another small (but notable) deal point your reps will negotiate for you on a movie deal has to do with paid ads. ⁠

Paid ads refer to the way in which you are credited in advertising for a film: from movie posters to billboards, and more.⁠

Actors can be billed either in the billing block or above the title & artwork. ⁠

Most actors will receive credit in the billing block — the credits that appear in block form at the bottom of a movie poster. ⁠

More prominent actors (or actors in leading roles) will ask for billing above the title & artwork. ⁠

Reps may also request that the actor’s image on the poster be substantially the same size as that of any other actor and that their name be in the size, font, and placement as the other actors. ⁠

Paid ads are also subjected to what are known as “customary exclusions” — these include print ads that are smaller than a specified size and/or outdoor advertising. ⁠

These exclusions can be so broad that the credit commitment is ultimately meaningless. To address this, reps will often ask for an excluded-ad tie, which requires that the actor be credited whenever another actor is credited in excluded ads. The only exception to this is when a congratulatory ad names the actor being nodded for their award nomination or win. ⁠

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