Terminology Tuesday: Stunt Casting

Terminology… Wednesday? ⁠

Let’s talk stunt casting. ⁠

If by stunt casting, you think we’re talking about stunt performers, you might want to read on….⁠

Stunt casting is a term we use that refers to the use of a publicity stunt to fill a role in TV, film or theatre.⁠

Stunt casting can range from a celebrity or even a well known non-actor cameo appearance to the use of an actor’s real-life relatives to play the corresponding character’s relatives.⁠

It’s typically used to generate media attention, ticket sales or ratings. ⁠

Stunt casting is often done in theatre—many Broadway shows & musicals will cast celebrities with little theatre experience and will hire them for a short run in hopes their name will boost ticket sales and extend the lifetime of a show’s run.⁠

When it comes to TV/film—if a studio and or network wants us to stunt cast a role, we’ll do our best to find a name that is “exciting enough” for everyone. If we can’t find someone suitable and “namey” enough, we might consider them for a different role. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of having SOMEONE in A role.⁠

It will then be up to the showrunner, director & studio/network executives to decide whether that person will ultimately give them the outcome they are hoping for.⁠

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